Monday, July 18, 2011

there is a first time for everything

Yesterday was a big day for Little Miss L. She might not know it, but yesterday she completed one of her firsts. As a parent, you are always asking questions like "When I should I start my child on solids? When should I start potty training? or When should my child have their first haircut?" When it came to the topic of cutting Little Miss L.'s hair, the hubby and I were conflicted. As you may have read in this previous post, it was a mighty long time before Little Miss L. had any hair, and to think that we were now considering cutting it made us feel a little guilty. Cutting one's hair for the first time is considered a milestone in my books, and of course, it was important for me to save a lock of Little Miss L.'s hair. I can still remember as a young girl going through my baby book and looking at the first locks I had. It was interesting to see the difference in colour and thickness as I aged.

The hubby and I finally decided to give in. I know some of you out there are all about the mullet look, but it didn't quite look right on my little girl. It was off to visit Aunt Teri, who happens to be a hairdresser. We were not sure what reaction we might receive once our little girl was sitting in the chair. Would she be frightened by the idea? Would she freak out? Would she like the idea because of all the attention she was about to receive? Well, I have to say there was a range of emotions as we went from frightened, to "This is kind of cool!" to "I don't like it" and then finally "This isn't so bad." I thought I was going to have a hard time as well, watching those precious locks fall to the floor, but surprisingly enough, I did just fine. My little girl is growing up fast and has checked off one more milestone.
  Thanks Aunt Teri !
What are you guys planning on doing?
Bye, bye mullet!
Seriously, what is happening right now?
This is taking longer than expected.
Okay, this isn't so bad.
Yeah, I look pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
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