Monday, July 11, 2011


This weekend was a busy one again but we enjoyed every minute of it. I am ready to rest for the next few days. Friday afternoon I had a lunch date with the ladies at our house. I was so excited because it was the first time I would get to meet baby J and let me tell you he is such a cutie! I can't believe how small he is, you forget how fast they grow. Baby J's momma was looking amazing, you would never know she just had a baby only 10 days ago. Our good friend Jessi was down for a vacation and stopped by as well, I forgot how much she makes me laugh and smile. I really wish you lived closer girl! Friday night we celebrated my parents, my aunt and uncle's, and my cousin and his wife's anniversaries. It is always great to see family members you have not seen in awhile.

Saturday morning we woke up to some clouds and it was quite cool. We had planned on spending the day out in the boat but after going outside for a few minutes I was really debating whether or not I wanted too. After the hubby and my brother telling me the weather would clear and the sun would come out, I reluctantly agreed to go. I am so glad I did as the day turned out to be perfect. It was the first time that Little Miss L. had been on a boat. I was hoping for the best but expecting the worse. She tends to not like things that make noise. To our surprise she loved every minute of it and couldn't get enough of it. We also were able to hit up one of the local beaches. She was hesitant to enter the water at first but once again she proved me wrong and wandered into the water like she was a pro by the end of the day. I think we are going to have a water baby on our hands. Saturday night we celebrated my little brother's birthday. We had an amazing family dinner, and of course no night would be complete without digging into a yummy ice cream cake.

To wrap the weekend up, Sunday we headed back out on the St. Lawrence river. It was beautiful weather, and we had such a relaxing time with family. I love love love summer!
Baby E- look at those beautiful eyes.
Baby J- such a cutie!
Little Miss L. could not wait to help feed baby J.
Group shot of the ladies and babies.
Little Miss L. and her friends.
Time to chow down and that's what we did.
Little Miss L. decided to dig right in.
Little Miss L. and mommy on a stroll along the river.
Grandpa and his little girl.
Little Miss L.'s first boat ride, and she loved every minute of it.
Uncle Braden showing us how to get some air.
Daddy, this water is cold!
Daddy and his baby girl taking a swim.
Oh, we love ice cream cake!
Little Miss L. loves birthday parties. She thinks she gets to blow everyone's candles out.

Showing her uncle how it is done. I think we had to light the candles about 20 times before she finally got her fill.

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