Tuesday, July 19, 2011

push gift?

A push gift seems to be the new rage lately... and what is a push gift you might ask? Well, this gift is a present your hubby gets you for carrying and generally pushing the baby out. There are many people out there who believe momma deserves to be spoiled after putting her body through nine months of crazy changes and delivering that precious child. The trend seems to be jewelry, but others are venturing outside the box and giving gifts such as vacations, furniture to finish off the nursery like a glider or rocking chair, a new bed for mom, television (the men tend to say it will keep us women entertained while feeding the baby but I think it might be on their wish list),spa treatments, and even a new car.

This sort of delivery decadence has been around for centuries but only recently has the tradition caught on in the United States and Canada. In England, diamond rings are given to new moms, and in India, dad is expected to present the mother of his child with gold in some form. I am not sure how I feel about the topic. I see it not as a token for hard labour or anything, but just to commemorate the special occasion of welcoming a new human being into the world. What's your take, ladies and gents? How many of you think it should be expected? How many of you want one? How many of you don't really care? Oh, and hunny, don't worry, I am not looking for anything, just merely talking about the new rage...
The number one gift has been jewelry. 
Rachel Zoe received this gift when she delivered her baby boy in March, 2011.

I do have to say I love love love sentimental gifts like this one.
Mariah Carey received this gift from hubby Nick Cannon when she delivered her twins.

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