Monday, July 4, 2011

canada day weekend

Canada day weekend was a blast. This year, the hubby and I asked a few friends to join us at our new home. It was a fun-filled day with great friends and lots of food. I love love love summer, and here are some of the reasons why...
Children in bathing suits all day long. The water was freezing but they didn't care.
Spending time with the ones we love.
Unexpected dance parties in the kitchen.
Spending time with friends who live out of town.
Watching the baby whisperer hard at work.
Taking a dip for the first time.
Enjoying my favourite beverage of the summer... yummy ice tea.

Spending time with my girls.
Letting loose.
Chowing down on summer salads and barbequed meat.
Taking an afternoon nap.
Indulging in sweet treats.
Gaining new friends.
Nights around the fire.
Watching fireworks from our backyard.

Love wathcing the black canvas being painted with bright colours.
Spending all day outside in the sun.
Sporting cute swimsuits.
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