Thursday, December 6, 2012

tiny dancer

Last Saturday was a big day for our little girl. It was her very first open house at her dance studio. There are two times a year where parents and grandparents are welcome to come and see the progress their little ones are making. Little Miss L. started tap and ballet classes in September, we had a bit of a rough start, but in the last month, she has taken a complete 180.

Saturday morning arrived and Little Miss L. jumped out of bed to prepare for her big day. Once her hair was pulled back and her tutu on, it was time to go. Little Miss L. was so excited to welcome us all into her classroom.

We all watched as she twirled, hopped and skipped from one movement to the next. We did however discover our daughter likes to dance with her tongue hanging out to one side. Let's just hope this habit dies fast.

We are all so proud of you baby girl!
Getting ready to tap her little heart out.
I can't believe how grown up she looks here.
Notice the tongue sticking out! She did this the whole time.
Proud grandparents. Baby D didn't take his eyes off those girls.
More proud grandparents. Nona took some pretty great videos. 
Girl talk.
Waiting patiently for her turn.
Working hard.
Melts my heart.
Our little ballerina.

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