Monday, December 3, 2012


The last couple of weeks have brought about a lot of firsts in our household, one being Baby D's first haircut. I love love loved Baby D's flowing blonde hair that would wrap at the end in a tight little curl. The hubby and I knew it was time to finally take the plunge when our poor boy couldn't see without having strands of hair dangling in front of him. There was something about his hair that made me feel like he was still a little baby, I wasn't sure I wanted to let that go quite yet.

Well, last Thursday night arrived and off went the hair. Baby D wasn't too sure about this whole hair-cutting process but we all managed to get through it. After a few minutes, the new do was starting to grow on me. I must say my little baby is no more, he instantly looks older now. Long luscious blonde curls, it was fun while it lasted and we will miss you dearly.

Thanks Tia!
Bye, Bye my hair!
Baby D wasn't too sure what to think.
Daddy may have been regretting the decision. All done.

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