Tuesday, December 11, 2012

barbie party

What little girl didn't grow up loving Barbie? I still love Barbie and was so delighted my mother kept a few for me to pass on to my baby girl. She loves dressing them up, taking them for a ride in their car, and fixing their hair just right.

Little Miss L. was beyond excited when I showed her an invitation to her friend's upcoming Barbie-themed birthday party. As a parent, I should have known better than to show her the invitation weeks in advance because every morning she would wake up running towards me with a  big smile on her face and ask if today was the day she gets to go to the Barbie party. Well, after a long wait, the big day finally arrived this past weekend.

My friend Sara sure knows how to throw a party, especially when it involves making several little girls extremely happy! There were feathers, pink, glitz and glamour all over the place. If it wasn't already the perfect party, Barbie made a special appearance for a magic show, some dancing, jewelry making, balloon animals and face painting.

You know it was an awesome party when your daughter is still talking about it days later! Here is a sneak peak at the fun we had...
The inspiration.
Lots of yummy goodies on this table.
Chocolate covered strawberries.
Sugary marshmallows.
Drink station.
The girls hanging out and sampling the delicious food.
Barbie has arrived and the girls are in awe.
Time for a magic trick of two.
Where did it go?
Balloon animals! Barbie is really good at these.
Mr. L. showing off his blue giraffe. 
Face painting time, or if you are like Little Miss L., hand painting time.
Our attempt at a group shot with Barbie.
The birthday girl surrounded by love.
Little brother getting ready to sing happy birthday to his sister.
This cake was perfect and tasted as good as it looked.
One happy family celebrating their little girl's birthday. 

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  1. Beautiful photos Shanna you did a great job!!!