Wednesday, December 12, 2012

nepean museum

Last week, we traveled to the Nepean Museum for the first time. This museum is a little gem. It's small but cozy and wonderful for small children. We enjoyed a morning of crafts, carols, and story time with Santa.

Little Miss L. loved everything about it. She could have not been more thrilled when Santa asked for some helpers to come up front and read with him. Little Miss L. was the very first one to jump up on her feet to be by Santa's side. Baby D on the other hand decided to keep his distance and watch Santa from afar. He did however, show lots of interest that day in the crafts which usually aren't his thing.

If you are looking for something to do with the family in a kid-friendly, safe and clean environment, I would definitely recommend the Nepean Museum. The staff were very welcoming. I will be sure to go back again soon!
Craft time.
Where is Baby D?
Do you see me yet? This is a much better place to be.
Time to read with Santa.
Little Miss L.  was such a good helper.
Hanging out with the big guy.
This will be the third time, but I will tell you again just so I can make sure you know exactly what I would like for Christmas...
Seriously, mom? You are making me sit on this guys knee again?!? Did you not realize the first two times that I was not a fan!
Yep, I will just sit here and watch the big man chat it up.
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