Friday, December 14, 2012

snowman craft

I love love love this snowman craft. It is super easy, few materials required, and perfect for little hands to work on.

Each year, we celebrate our Christmas countdown with small goodies the kids hunt down until the big day. In previous years, we have used our stockings to collect our finds but this year I wanted to involve the kids as much as possible, so we made "snowman buckets" as Little Miss L. likes to call them.

Each day, they fill their cup up with goodies such as candy canes, hair elastics, pencil crayons and socks... you get the idea. The plastic cup is the perfect size to hold their loot and not too heavy for Baby D to carry around. Plus, both kids were very proud of their snowmen and named them Charlie and Marley.

There are endless possibilities with this craft such as using different materials to create your snowmen - definitely a must-try with the kids this winter.

Materials we used:
-white plastic cup
-pom poms
-construction paper
-craft glue
-pipe cleaners
-plastic eyes

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