Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas party

I am a little behind on my posts. The holiday season is upon us which means we are always on the go. Last weekend we had another run in with the big guy in red. We attended the hubby's work Christmas party which was catered to the kids. Little Miss L. and Baby D had a blast crafting, watching Christmas movies while munching on popcorn, getting their hands painted, and hanging out with Santa.

Little Miss L. is just like her momma when it comes to crafts. She made sure to hit up most of the craft tables. There was lots of glue and glitter all over the place, I was happy I wasn't cleaning it up for once. I will share a few of the kid-friendly crafts with you later this week.

Baby D was a little under the weather so he did not want to venture too far from mommy and daddy's arms. We did however try our luck with Santa again and we fast learned he still did not want anything to do with him.

It was a fun-filled family afternoon spent with the ones I love, I couldn't have asked for a better day!
Time to get our craft on!
Hard at work decorating her Christmas tree.
Time to make our Christmas tree made out of icing.
She is very precise in how she places everything.
Baby D and Little Miss L. checking out Santa's seat.
Who are you? What are you staring at?
There was no way Little Miss L. was going to let them paint her face. Instead she decided to have Santa and a reindeer  painted on her hands. 
The finished product.

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