Wednesday, December 5, 2012

first trip to the dentist

Last week brought about another first for our little girl. It was finally time to make her first appearance in front of a dentist. We were not sure how this whole situation would unfold. Would she be scared? Would she run screaming as soon as she saw the big chair she would have to place her little bottom on? Would she think the crazy machines would eat her alive? Would she wonder why another human being is shoving their hands in her mouth? I have been working on this day for years. I started by talking about the dentist and why it is so important to clean her teeth. The week leading up to the big day, she must have thought I was nuts because all I could talk about was the upcoming visit to the dentist.

The big day finally arrived bright and early last Thursday morning. It was a family event as daddy and mommy were both lucky to have the day off from work. Daddy and Baby D decided to take a walk as mommy and Little Miss L. walked hand-in-hand down the long hallway to enter the dreaded room.

Much to my surprise, my little girl's face lit up as she noticed the television hanging above the big scary chair. She hopped on and went for a ride. Her eyes were glued to the television. After a few minutes in a daze, she was happy to tell the dentist her age, what she has been up to, and all about her little brother. Everything was going splendidly - what was I worrying about? They counted her teeth and talked about the importance of caring for our teeth. Just like that, we were finished! I was happy and so was my little girl . I then heard "Please, make another appointment to see the hygienist to have her teeth cleaned." We have to come back? We got away with it once but in coming again, we would be taking our chances. After talking to the hubby, we decided our best bet was to come back the very next day as she had a good experience the first time and wanted to continue riding the wave.

Friday morning arrived and we were off the the dentist office again. This time, we were met by a very friendly hygienist who chatted away to Little Miss L. explaining everything that was about to take place. Little Miss L. loved picking out the orange flavour paste (she is still going around asking people to smell her orange breath) and wearing her funky glasses as the hygienist worked her magic. All and all, it was a good experience and one I did not expect.

Well, until the next cleaning...
Eyes glued to the television. Wish they had these back in the day when I was young.
Mom, seriously, they are going to put that in my mouth!?!
Knock it - I did it!
Celebrating with her little brother. Peek-a-boo!
See everyone? Look at my pearly whites!

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  2. As parents, it’s only normal that we be fearful whenever our kids have their first dentist appointment. We usually get all these scary thoughts running through our head, but we have to put our trust in our dentist that they’ll be able to ease our children’s anxiety over what’s to happen next. After that, however, the dentist’s job now goes back to us. We have to keep a close eye on our children’s oral health by teaching them to make a habit out of brushing and flossing.

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  3. Kids are just really wonderful, aren’t they? Nothing ever seems to faze them much while we’re here keeping to ourselves fussing about every little detail. It’s really hard being a parent. Most of the time we’ll be stressing out over nothing, but d’you know what makes being a parent the best job I’ve ever had? My daughter. Seeing her all smiling, happy, with her enthusiasm always through the roof, man...that little girl just takes all the stress away.

  4. Oh, your little girl is so adorable! I love the fact that she wasn’t afraid of going to a dentist. You know, a lot of children cry whenever their mom tells them about it. Haha! Look at your daughter! I can see that she really enjoyed her first visit to the dentist. I love her smile on the last photo. She has very nice teeth, doesn't she?