Tuesday, January 11, 2011

would you?

As I was browsing television channels the other day, I came across a show that was discussing new trends for 2011. As I watched the screen, I began to cringe as I witnessed a young woman being massaged by several snakes. I have seen some interesting spa treatments, such as fish nibbling calluses off feet, but could I really sit back and allow myself to experience the relaxing sensation of letting an assortment of snakes slither over my body? This creative massage was made popular in Israel and has now taken on interest in other parts of the world. Larger snakes are heavy enough to produce a deep kneading massage, while the smaller ones flutter over the skin, creating a calming, caressing sensation. I guess this brings new meaning to "therapeutic massage." I don't think I will be lining up any time soon to try it out...will you??
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