Friday, January 21, 2011

we did it!

After 6 long months searching for that special house, we finally found a winner! Last weekend was a whirlwind, I still can't believe what happened. The hubby and I had spent Saturday morning checking out houses with our realtor and by the afternoon we were home again and disappointed that we still hadn't found anything we loved. I decided to hop online and see if there were any houses we had missed in our search. As my search was coming to a close I happened to come across the perfect house (or so it looked on screen) It was in our ideal location, on 2 acres of land, and was the perfect size for our starter home. We were hoping there would be a showing the next day because we could not wait to see this property. We didn't see any open house listed online, so the hubby and I decided to call the realtor right away because we worried this property would not be on the market for long. As it turns out. we were right - the house went on the market the day before and already had 3 offers. Our realtor explained the 3 offers were going to be put forth at 5pm that evening. He said he could meet us there in an hour and if we really liked the house we could put an offer in as well at 5pm. We looked at the clock and it was 2:30pm. We hopped in our car and headed out to the house - in a nasty snowstorm too!

As we drove up the road I was already smitten - it was quiet neighbourhood surrounded by lots of trees. Neighbours waved as we drove past them. As we walked through the front door, I had a good feeling about this house. We had finished the tour of the house and we were discussing how much we liked it, when I looked out the window and I saw the deal closer - a  little pond, just the right size for Little Miss L. to learn how to skate. That was it, we had to have this house!

The hubby and I decided to put an offer in. As we were leaving the realtor asked us if we wanted to wait in the driveway to see if they accept our offer. Of course we would wait, but we didn't know that it would be one long hour sitting outside during a snowstorm. As we sat there in the cold, we wondered if we were crazy for putting an offer in so fast. The hubby and I like to analyze and go over every little detail and what we just did was way out of our comfort zone. As the realtor approached us it didn't look good. He explained to us that ourselves and another offer had been similar and the owners were having a hard time deciding. We told our realtor to get back in there and work his magic because we needed that house and that is exactly what he did... he stepped out of the house 5 minutes later with the wonderful news that they accepted our offer! We still can not believe that within a period of 5 hours we became homeowners!

Our closing date is still some time away, but the excitement is already building with all the things I can't wait to do...let the decorating begin! We can't wait to make this house our home :)
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