Wednesday, January 5, 2011

start off 2011 with a little sparkle

If you are anything like myself or my mother, then you spent the past weekend putting away all of your Christmas decorations. With Christmas over, it does not mean that your house should be free of winter decor! It is the perfect time of year to hit up your local craft store and purchase a wreath for your door. Many of our local craft stores have an abundance of decorations left over from the holidays at super low prices. As I hit up our local Michaels, I was able to purchase a grapevine wreath, along with some purple and silver ornaments for under $8.00. I used the can of faux snow I had left over from Christmas. I was happy with the end result and I couldn't beat completing this craft all for under $10.00.
Grapevine wreath. You will want to use an old sheet or newspaper when spraying the faux snow.
Next I used the faux snow. Make sure to follow directions on can. Allow time to dry before adding your ornaments/decorations.
I then added some glittered decorations, I felt silver and purple would be great for January and really looked nice against the white snow.
Close up! I love faux snow, it gives everything such a wintery feel.
There you have it folks, the finished product!
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