Friday, January 7, 2011

change those toothbrushes!

There are many reasons why you should change your toothbrush. The most common reason, which many of us notice, is when the bristles begin to show wear; once this occurs, the toothbrush starts to lose its effectiveness. Changing your toothbrush is especially important during the winter months. With the winter season come colds, flus, and mouth infections. After coming down with one of these nasty bouts, you should replace your toothbrush with a new one. Many germs can hide in your toothbrush which can lead to reinfection. We should also pay special attention to our children's toothbrushes. Their bristles seem to wear quickly because they often brush with uneven strokes. Also, as I know first hand, Little Miss L. loves to chew and bite on the bristles which can create a breeding ground for germs, fungus, and bacteria. So, get out and buy a few extra to have on hand when you finish that nasty cold or flu. Happy brushing everyone :) Pin It

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