Thursday, June 6, 2013

25 weeks

How far along?: 25 weeks
How big is baby?: Head to heels, baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Their weight — 1 1/2 pounds — isn't much more than an average rutabaga.
Weight gain?: I am up 16 pounds. I have gained 4 pounds in the last week!! Hopefully, this will not become a trend.
Stretch marks?: My goal is to keep my skin moist to hopefully combat any of those pesky stretch marks.
Maternity clothes?: Still have not found the time to go shopping, but am in desperate need of some new clothes that fit this ever-growing belly.
Food cravings?: Bring on the roasted red pepper hummus and tortilla chips.
Sleep?: I have to admit that I have been sleeping better the past week. I don't know the reason, but I will take it!
Gender?: Little Miss L. and Baby D will have a little brother.
Exercise?: Chasing after kids all day has been enough exercise for me.
What's been going on? Let's just start off with one of the most annoying side-effects of pregnancy -HEARTBURN! I have been hit hard with heartburn this past week. I had experienced severe heartburn with Little Miss L. and a little with Baby D and I had hoped the third time would be the charm where I might be lucky to bypass this not-so-pleasant side-effect of pregnancy. I have tried all the recommended tricks but nothing seems to be helping. Although I have been sleeping better this week, when the heartburn hits, I'm unable to sleep. I am hoping the heartburn doesn't get worse or else I will have to start sleeping sitting up like I did with Little Miss L. I was 25 weeks on Tuesday and had a check-up with my OB in the morning. Little Miss L. loved listening to her brother's heartbeat but said "it sounds like he is chewing a lot in there" and was afraid he may eat my belly :)

Check out baby #1 and #2 at week 25 here. Pin It

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