Monday, June 10, 2013

fairies in the park

As a little girl, did you ever dream about being a fairy and going off to a magical place where you were surrounded by other beautiful fairies dancing about with their magic wands? This past weekend, my little girl had a chance for that dream to come true. She put on her fairy best and entered an enchanted place surrounded by other little children fulfilling the same dream. The weather wasn't supposed to be in our favour on Saturday but it must have been all the little fairies wishing to have clear skies for their special day as the clouds parted and the drizzle stopped.

A big thank you to Stephanie Forgues for bringing such a wonderful event to the community of Brockville. The kids had an absolute blast skipping around as they checked out the craft table, tried cotton candy for the first time, met Tinkerbell and danced about with their fairy friends. It was evident how much my little fairy enjoyed herself as she left screaming because there was no way she wanted to leave. May we see this event continue for years to come!
All dressed and ready to go.
Lucky little brother gets to join in on all the fairy fun.
This captures our daughter's personality perfectly.
Thank you Stephanie for hosting such a wonderful event!
Cotton candy for the first time.
Ready to give it a try...
Umm, not sure if I like this.
Cousin C decided to join in on the action too.
Fairy dresses.
Making her fairy wand.
Baby D opted to hit the playground instead.
Baby C decided to hit the swings.
Little Miss L. meets Tinkerbell.
My little fairy.
After our trip to the park, we had a visit with grandma and grandpa. Baby D was all about the trucks after his fairy filled afternoon.
Riding the tractor.
All the fairy-watching tired him out.
A spin on the bikes before they left grandma and grandpa's.

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  1. Thank you for that amazing report on Fairies in the Park! Your photography definitely captured the magic perfectly! I'm so happy it was as enchanted as we all wanted it to be! We'll see you next year for Fairies in the Park! Thank you so much for being a part of it!

    Stephanie Forgues