Wednesday, August 29, 2012

weekend catch-up

Singer Castle on the beautiful St.Lawrence river.
This past weekend was all about fun, sun, and food! It was a great weekend spent out on the river. With the summer winding down, we need to take every opportunity we can to enjoy our time out outdoors in the sun. The kids love spending time with their grandma and grandpa, especially when it involves a boat. Little Miss L. was in heaven when grandpa took her to see not one but two castles (this momma may have been in her glory too, I love love love castles!) The weather was perfect for cruising along the St.Lawrence river...
Starting young - Little Miss L. driving the boat with grandpa.
Baby D just relaxing.
Singer Castle on the St. Lawrence river.
Nona and Little Miss L. cruising along in the boat.
Boldt Castle on the St. Lawrence.
Boldt Castle yacth house.
Going for a swim with the big guy.
These two are a silly couple.
Water time with grandma and grandpa and two furry friends.
It was also all about food - one of my faves - gooey cheesy nachos.
I know someone who loves nachos just as much as I do.
What 2 year old do you know that loves to drink salsa?!?!

I even had the chance to make a fresh batch of tomato sauce.
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