Thursday, August 16, 2012

cape cod: day four

Day four was all about the kiddos. We woke up bright and early and headed straight for the beach. I love love love the beach first thing in the morning. The kids loved walking up and down the coast to see what the waves had washed to shore.

After taking in the fresh salty air, we headed to the local zoo. This was a great little zoo which takes pride in having all rescue animals. The kids loved feeding their new friends and we even had the chance to take in a bird show.

We sure were tired after our visit to the zoo, and what better way to pick up our energy than to hit up the most popular ice cream shop in town. I love the old ice cream parlour feel. I definately had high hopes for the ice cream we would be digging into and we were not let down. It was one of the most creamy, fruity, and all -around scrumptious ice cream cone I have ever placed my lips on. The kids absolutely loved it too, Baby D had a full-on fit the minute the ice cream was taken away from his mouth.

It was wonderful day spent with three of my favourite people.
Baby D is about to show us how he can stand all by himself.
Here we go...
Look at those leg muscles...
I did it! He was so proud of himself.
She always has to go in for the headlock. 
I love love love these sandy toes.
Always goofing around.
Little Miss L. stepped on this guy and it didn't feel pretty.
My little man.
Baby D, Little Miss L., Mommy, and Daddy.
Zoo time!
Baby D fell in love with this little guy.
All aboard the Little Miss L. train or as she would say, the dinosaur train.
What are you looking at?
Little Miss L. wasn't too sure if she wanted to meet this guy.
Cooling off before going to the ice cream shop.
Getting ready to order her delicious treat.
Wish we had one of these little shops around our house.
Her first lick of the good stuff.
Little Miss L. loved sharing her ice cream with her brother.
He wasn't too happy when she took it away.
Good right down to the last few bites.
Bellies full of ice cream. Now it's time to head to the park.
We had to burn off all those extra calories we consumed.
Baby D showing me how it's done.

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