Thursday, August 9, 2012

cape cod: day one

We packed up the van, and I mean there was literally not an inch left to fill, turned off our cell phones and closed our laptops as we started on our 8 hour drive. For days, we were trying to figure out the best time to drive and, after lots of consideration, we decided the best time was to head out overnight so the kiddos would hopefully sleep for most of the drive. We were right as they slept the whole drive down. They woke for a couple minutes here and there as we filled up for gas but, for the most part, there was silence as we made the long drive.

We finally made it to our destination and we could not have been more excited to start our vacation. Day one proved to be a relaxing one. As soon as we arrived, it was time for us to hit the beach. It was overcast, but we didn't care. We pulled out our bathing suits and headed to play in the water and sand...
We stopped for a quick break in Peabody to enjoy a dip in a friend's pool. 
Baby D spent a good hour playing with this bucket and sand.
Little Miss L. showing off her happy dance that she had finally arrived in Cape Cod.
It's off to the beach we go.
Little Miss L. stops to take it all in.
Baby D's first time in the ocean.
Cousin Michael and Baby D.
Such a wonderful couple. Thanks for entertaining our children :) They love you guys!
Little Miss L. got right to work on her sand castles.
Daddy and Little Miss L. sure know how to build them.
Pure beauty.
Little Miss L.'s first time fishing.
She did it!
Little Miss L.'s first fish.
Some snuggle time with mommy.
I have one silly girl on my hands.
I would say it was a good day of fishing for the boys.

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