Friday, August 17, 2012

and now he is One!

Dear Son,

Today is your birthday. Today you are one. It truly does feel like only days ago we welcomed you into this world. I still remember the feeling of you kicking about in my belly, the moment I saw your handsome face, the moment I held you in my arms for the very first time, the moment you smiled and giggled as you looked into my eyes for the first time, your ability to roll all over the place like a champ, those chiclet teeth breaking through adding to your fabulous grin, the moment you said "momma," the countless hours we practiced crawling together, and how could I forget your very first steps.

You have accomplished so many milestones in the past year and you continue to grow into a loving, kindhearted, and handsome boy. There are so many things I love about you - I could go on forever, but here are few that make me smile on a daily basis...

  • Your morning smile followed by a big hug and kisses.
  • How I have to pin you down like we are in the middle of a wrestling match so I am able to change your diaper, and at the end of it you always look up at me and laugh like I am the crazy one.
  • I love the way you make a slurping sound after you finish your drink.
  • I love your jazz hands.
  • I love how you must open every door as you pass and then slam it shut.
  • I love how you attempt the hand actions when we sing "If you are happy and you know it."
  • I love how you make farting sounds on my arm when I am holding you.
  • I love your stubbornness, even when I am at the point I want rip my hair out. 
  • I love how you tease your big sister.
  • I love how I have to hold you like a sack of potatoes over my shoulder to put you to sleep.
  • I love your deep down giggle as you stick out your tongue.

I could go on and on but we would be here all day. I love everything about you, every single inch of you. You, my child, make me a better person, you encourage me to do my best. You bring pure joy into our lives and each day I am thankful for that.  Always remember to be you and that is truly all I can ask for. Happy Birthday - here is to another year my baby boy!

Love you always and forever,

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  1. Happy birthday Davin; great post Shann


  2. Thanks Jay! Looking forward to seeing you :)