Monday, April 16, 2012

warning- man in tights!

Saturday we celebrated our nephew's 3rd birthday. Lucky for us, a new play centre just opened their doors for business. This venue was a great place for the kids to let loose on the huge play structure, inflatable obstacle course, and roller rink. Once they started to get low on energy, it was time to fill their bellies with warm, delicious pizza. To end the perfect party, the kids were surprised by a visit from Spider-Man.

If you are in the Ottawa area and looking for a venue to host your next birthday, check out Monkey Around. The kids will love it, and the adults too! Leave the party planning and clean up to someone else and just enjoy the day with your little one. Wait, let's not forget the most important part-the children are ready for a nap as soon as they leave!
The boys loving the games.
Baby D loved watching all the action.
Little Miss L. was determined to climb the wall.
She has no fear.
The birthday boy!
Pizza time - yum, yum!
I never thought I would see the day when my brother-in-law would be donning tights. A surprise visit from Spider-Man.
The kiddos were not too sure what to think.
Finally, Spidey gets a kiss from the birthday boy.
Mr.L blows out the candles - here's to another wonderful year ahead my handsome nephew.
Little Miss L. did not want to meet Spidey. She was hanging onto daddy for dear life.
Mr. D comforts Little Miss L. and says that he will protect her from Spider-Man.
Baby D shows all of them he isn't afraid of Spider-Man.
He's got the moves like Jagger...
Cake time says the ladies.
Gift-opening time.
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  1. ahahahaha love the pics!!! especially the one of baby D with spidey!!! oh and Spidey striking a pose lol what a day I'm sure you guys musta had looks like an awesome place

  2. It sure was hilarious to see my brother-in-law in that skin tight outfit. Monkey Around is a great place to bring the kids.