Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i am a slacker

It has almost been a full year since moving into our home. Why am I bringing this up, you might wonder? Well, it means it has taken me this long to walk through the doors of our local public library and sign-up for our new library cards. I finally packed the kiddos into the car today and headed over. Little Miss L. loved browsing through the wide selection of literature and Baby D enjoyed getting his hands on as many books as he could (or should I say in his mouth). It was a great morning spent at the library, it reminded me how much I missed walking into a room full of books - that always brings me back to my childhood. Happy reading everyone!
Look everyone, I have my very own library card!
Little Miss L. also loved putting together all the puzzles they had on hand.
Baby D loved this book. He was giggling at all the babies in the pictures.
Time for some games.
Big sister stepping up to the plate to show her little brother where everything belongs.

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