Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter weekend part 2

Sunday was all about the Easter egg hunt. Little Miss L. hopped into bed on Saturday night in anticipation of the surprise that would await her in the morning. Sunday morning arrived and Little Miss L. jumped out of bed and came running into our room "Mommy, Daddy - there are eggs all over the floor" She excitedly picked up her Easter basket and began the hunt. Our daughter could have taken all day to complete her hunt, as she would pick up each egg, open to see what surprise was inside and then had to line the goodies up in a row. She loved the whole idea of the egg hunt and would thank the bunny repeatedly along the way for leaving her such cool things. Baby D also enjoyed the hunt, and loved picking up the brightly coloured eggs. After the successful egg hunt, we were off to my inlaws for lunch with the family. We also celebrated our nephew's 3rd birthday. It was a wonderful afternoon with with family...
The egg hunt begins.
Baby D getting in on the action.
How did the Easter bunny know that Rio is my favourite movie?!?
"I found one!"
Look, it's a bunny.
Baby D hanging out with cousin Michael. 
They are all smiles after filling their bellies.
Little Miss L. putting on a performance like usual.
Time for Mr. L to blow out his candle.
My failed attempt at trying to get a picture with four children all looking at the camera... not going to happen!
I think someone enjoyed the birthday cake :)
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