Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekend catch-up

Our weekend was jam-packed but I loved every minute of it. Saturday, the kiddies spent the day with daddy, as mommy attended a workshop on nutrition and hazards in the home - I walked away with some great information. All you parents out there, please remember to check your equipment/toys because over time screws can come loose, and we all know how much toddlers like to fiddle with little things. Saturday night, we were joined for dinner by some good friends, it was nice to catch up and Little Miss L. loves spending time with her boyfriend.

Sunday arrived and I was super excited. Why, might you ask? Well, my girlfriend and I decided to take a photography class together. I love love love taking pictures. It was great to spend time with my girlfriend, but in the end, we were both disappointed in the course. The rest of the day was spent doing all of the fun stuff - cleaning, laundry, and cooking etc.

We were extra lucky yesterday because it was a long weekend. Monday was Family Day which meant daddy had the day off to spend with us. We decided to take in the last day of Winterlude and headed to Jacques-Cartier park. The weather was a little chilly but nice when the sun was out. Our day was spent with wonderful friends, ice sliding, dancing, and filling our bellies with tons of calories. The kids had a blast and I was happy spending a little more time with the hubby. I hope everyone else had a great Family Day with their loved ones.
My girl Sam working the camera.
Having a big discussion over tea with her boyfriend from Toronto.
The girls and their babies.
Little Miss L. was determined to go down the ice slide. You would think being a mother I would come to Winterlude prepared but this momma needs to purchase some snow-pants.
Instead, I sucked it up and went down the ice slide in my tights. Let's just say that I had some ice burn when it was all said and done.
Even this gentleman wanted to make sure my tush was okay.
It was time for a little zumba action. It was the perfect way to keep warm.
The girls just chillin' and catching up on life.
This is one BIG chair.
I want one of these for our backyard.
Little Miss L. enjoying her new favourite thing - poutine!
My two handsome guys all bundled up.
Winterlude wouldn't be complete without digging into a delicious beaver tail.
Little Miss L. making sure her boyfriend is enjoying a winter classic (beaver tail) in Ottawa. I need to start making beaver tails at home.
Baby D enjoying some cuddle time.
Just amazed with the talent it takes to create such a masterpiece.
Wonderful Family Day spent at Winterlude.
Time to get your race on!

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  1. I hated, hated, hated winter until I invested in snow pants and a pair of Sorel winter boots, which I didn't do until I found myself saying 'no' to going outside to play with my son. Now winter is fun again!

  2. I defiantly need to invest in a pair! I guess I have no excuses when they are starting to go on sale now.