Wednesday, February 1, 2012

we almost have a sitter

My little bobble-head can almost sit on his own. I know you are wondering why I would dedicate a post about my son who is "almost" sitting on his own but you have to see where I am coming from - my handsome little guy is... let's just say...a little top heavy. It has been several weeks now that Baby D has desperately wanted to be able to sit on his own. Each day we have been practicing, but time after time that noggin tips him right over. The other day, I was able to capture a few attempts. I was one proud momma when Baby D was able to sit by himself for more than one minute without toppling over. I keep telling my little man that one day soon his body will catch up to that head of his. In the meantime, this is how it goes down...
Look, I am sitting all by myself!
Balance, balance...
Oh no, I am going over.
Mom, quick take a picture before I tumble over.
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