Thursday, February 16, 2012

mini getaway to quebec city

You may have noticed I have been MIA the last few days on the blog. It was time for our family to take some much needed quality time together. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a mini getaway to Quebec City. This was the first time the hubby and I have traveled to this fabulous city and it sure did not disappoint!

I love love love exploring new places and meeting new people but I hate coming home to unpack, do laundry, and the struggle of getting our kids back into a routine. Let's just say I am one busy momma today but I wanted to share a few photos from our trip. I went a little snap happy, here is a sneak peek.

The hotel was in the perfect location. We were able to walk to old Quebec City within minutes. Everyone loved site seeing. There was a magical feeling you get when walking through town- old buildings, beautiful churches, the ambiance is overwhelming.
We filled our bellies with delicious food the whole time we were there. Every restaurant provided great service. We were very pleased with how kid-friendly all the establishments were.
The kids loved swimming in the pool. It was Baby D's first time in the pool and he could not get enough of the water.
We enjoyed all the cuddle time too!
Baby D and Little Miss L. loved exploring the city. The fresh air was great- there was no need for a fight at bed time.
Before heading home we stopped at an awesome mall. The mall had a skating rink, and amusement park in the middle. Little Miss L. was in her glory, she loved all the different rides. This child has no fear!
I am so glad we were able to take the kids on a mini getaway. They loved every minute of it and Little Miss L. can't stop talking about it. Pin It


  1. I haven't been to Quebec City since I was a little girl, but I grew up 10 minutes from Old Montreal. If you loved Quebec City, you'll love Old Montreal just as much. My husband and I went a few years back and walked everywhere. It was a "park & walk" weekend. Very relaxing, very romantic. I highly recommend it. Although I guess you could take the kids if you really wanted to. ;-)

  2. I agree- Old Montreal is great! Quebec City was beautiful and reminded me so much of Europe. I miss living in Europe :( Maybe next Valentine's Day we can spend in Old Montreal- just throwing it out in the universe lol