Thursday, February 2, 2012

we needed a lazy day

Sometimes you just need one of those days - you know the type of day I am talking about... a day that you don't worry about the dishes being done, whether laundry is folded, and you don't think twice about the toys sprawled all over the place. Instead, you are more concerned about how many books you can read together while cuddled up on the couch, how many times you can play hide-and-seek, and how many giggles you can get out of two tiny people. Yesterday, was one of those days, and I love love loved every minute of it!
I love watching my two babies playing together. Big sister is now allowing her little brother to join in on the fun.
I love how Baby D is so focused on his sister building her castle. He loves watching everything she does.
Baby D telling momma a story.
Time to play.
Little Miss L. showing off one of our Valentine's craft projects.
Time for a little exercise.
This is Little Miss L.'s favourite facial expression when she knows she has done something wrong.
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