Monday, February 20, 2012

valentine's day in quebec city

I was one lucky lady this Valentine's Day. Our family traveled to Quebec City - I couldn't think of a better spot to spend Valentine's Day with the ones I love! We woke up early and headed out to explore Old Quebec City by foot. I love love love old buildings and churches, I totally got my fill in this beautiful city. The old stones houses were stunning and I loved the frescoes adorning several walls. After a morning of walking in the chilly weather, it was time to fill our bellies and warm up (seriously, we couldn't feel our toes!) At this point, we decided whatever restaurant was the closest was going to be the lucky winner. This is probably not the best technique when choosing a restaurant, but everyone was getting cranky. We were pleasantly delighted with our choice. They were very family-friendly, the food was scrumptious, and the service was good. 

After a great lunch, we headed back to the hotel to unwind and change into our swimming suits. Little Miss L. was so excited to hit-up the pool, she loved splishing and splashing about and Baby D took a quick liking to it as well. Once we had turned into prunes, it was time to head back and change for dinner. We walked a few blocks down the street to a cute restaurant. Little Miss L. had a blast at dinner. She was so proud of herself for ordering her own food. We had a wonderful meal to finish off our Valentine's Day. I heart Quebec City! If you are looking for a romantic getaway - this is a great location (even with the kids.)
Old Quebec City.
I love frescoes.
 Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Québec.
My lunch date.
My two handsome men relaxing.
Baby D loved the fluffy pillows.
All dressed for Valentine's dinner. Baby D thinks his sister is hilarious - "check her out!" he says.
Daddy and his little girl at dinner.

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  1. Very beautiful blog, will get back to check more updates :)

  2. Thank you. We look forward to heading back to Quebec City soon!