Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1st birthday party

This past weekend was full of f's-friends, fun, and food. I love love love a good party, especially a children's birthday party! Who doesn't love balloons, games, party favours, scrumptious food, dancing, and who can forget the famous birthday cake. There is just something special about being surrounded by sugar-induced, bouncing and giggling children. Saturday, we put our party hats on in celebration of our dear friend Baby E's 1st birthday. It was a wonderful party with lots of good laughs - Little Miss L. could not stop talking about it. For the last four days, she keeps asking when Baby E is going to have another party? Happy Birthday Baby E - you are growing up so fast... here is to another fabulous year ahead.
Loved the Hello Kitty theme - cake and cookies were beyond yummy!

Love the milk for the kids - made we want to chug back a glass of the cold stuff.
Party time!
Little Miss L. was trying to sneak out of the party with these awesome balloons.
My two handsome men. Baby D was loving all the attention.
Loved the idea of the guests leaving their hand prints on canvas for Baby E to hang in her room. Great memento.
Time for cake!
Baby E thought it was quite delicious.
The party favours were a hit - the kids loved them.
Baby E's daddy is talented - he was able to make balloon animals for all the kiddies. Little Miss L. wanted to give it a try as well.
Friends for life. Little Miss L. loves her to the moon and back as she says.
Time to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.
Time for presents!
This time of our lives is special. I love getting together with all of our friends and watching our children grow up together. Memories in the making :)

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