Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend catch-up

This weekend was full of celebration. On Saturday, we celebrated the hubby's birthday. To be honest, I have been a little lazy lately when it comes to planning birthday fun. I asked the hubby what he felt like doing for his birthday this year and his response was that he is too old now to doing anything special. I thought to myself, I love love love birthdays and fall, so what better way to enjoy both of them than heading to the apple orchard. We had a great morning at the orchard - Little Miss L. loved picking the apples off the trees all by herself. She also enjoyed eating the fresh juicy apples; she never went empty handed until we got into the vehicle to leave. After spending the morning at the orchard, we headed home and made some delicious homemade apple sauce. It was the perfect fall day!

Sunday morning, we woke up and were greeted by my parents. I love love love them, probably more than they know. They drove for an hour to make our family breakfast; there is nothing better than a Sunday morning breakfast with all the works. After spending the morning with my parents, the afternoon was spent with my in-laws who joined us for a birthday dinner to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. It was a wonderful day spent with our families. Little Miss L. was in her glory as she loves spending time with her grandparents. As she headed off to bed, I asked her if she had fun with her grandparents today and her response was "Yes, I love so much." It was a great fall weekend spending time with my family and celebrating our loved ones' birthdays.
Little Miss L. loved her wagon ride.
Humm, this apple is sour.
If she could, Little Miss L. would spend all day eating apples.
Daddy gets in on the action.
The men working hard in the orchard.
One big apple!
I love love love fall.
Little Miss L. was a pro apple-picker.
Baby D slept through the whole thing.
Daddy and his babies.
As you all know, I like to jump when I am happy.
I love this precious girl.
I can't wait to carve our pumpkins.
Family shot.
Happy Birthday daddy!
Little Miss L. couldn't wait to help daddy blow his candle out.
Grandma's birthday dinner.
One of Little Miss L.'s favourite things to do is blow out the candles. 
I love apple crisp. We put our apples to good use; thanks mom for the help!

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