Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weekend catch-up

The weather is changing, which means that cold and flu season is upon us. Well, three out of four people living in this household came down with a cold last week. The weekend consisted of a little girl whose cough broke my heart to listen too, a little boy who struggled to sleep with his stuffed-up nose, and a momma who wasn't in the mood to come down with a huge head cold. Big thanks to a hubby who dealt with three whiny people, just one more reason why I love you! Even though I was under the weather, I was still happy because one of my favourite seasons is right around the corner. I love love love fall and all it has to offer. It is time to watch the leaves change to a beautiful hue, hit up the apple orchard, and we can't forget it is pumpkin picking time! Looking forward to getting healthy and enjoying the next few weekends of fall.
The leaves in our backyard are already changing!
I love love love cattails. 
As much as I am looking forward to our pond freezing so we can skate on it this winter, I will miss watching the frogs on our lily pads.
Our new friend the Heron. I can get about 10 feet away before he decides we are too close for comfort.
I can't believe how big he is.
Even though she was a sick little girl, she still was able to smile.
Taking a moment to relax with my little bundles of joy.
Best friends.
One proud daddy
I love Little Miss L.'s facial expression - it says it all.

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