Thursday, September 15, 2011

pregnancy photos

Better late than never right? I wanted to share with all of you some of our pregnancy photos. Pregnancy is a special time in one's life, a time I believe should be captured. There is so much beauty and joy during pregnancy which I wanted to make sure I would remember years down the road. The hubby and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Sandra, who is a wonderful photographer who understands how to bring out the true beauty of pregnancy. Pregnancy photos are not only about showcasing the changes to a mother's body, but also the changes to a family.

With Little Miss L and now with Baby D, the love between the hubby and I changed - we definitely have more love, to share with our children and to share with each other.  Amazingly, we fell further in love, something we didn't think possible.  Another pending change was our relationship with our daughter - she was no longer going to be our only child and recipient of 100% of our parenting love and attention.  Like it or not, Little Miss L was about to take on a certain amount of independence and grow up at a slightly faster rate.  She would have to learn to keep herself occupied while mommy and daddy looked after Baby D.  She was would have to learn to help with the household by helping change diapers, clean up, etc.  We feel that Sandra did a fantastic job at capturing all these changes, and in a beautiful way; below, you will see my changing body, our growing love and Little Miss Independent a.k.a. Little Miss L.
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