Tuesday, December 10, 2013

santa loves bubbles

I feel like I am a broken record but here I go again... things have been super busy around here and that is why I have been MIA. We are still trying to get accustomed to being a family a five, trying to function on very little sleep, dealing with three sick kids - did I mention I hate this time of year? - keeping our household afloat and trying hard to accomplish all we can when it comes to our work. Now, the holiday season is upon us and our calendar is pretty full. Don't get me wrong, as most of you know I am not one to sit around and enjoy being busy, but I am trying my best to find a balance between work and family. Right now, I feel guilty that I am not accomplishing as much as I would like when it comes to my businesses. When I do find the time to get work done, I feel guilty for leaving my family. When I am spending time with my family I feel guilty because I am thinking about how much work I need to complete. It has been a vicious cycle over here but I know in time things will all even out, so until then please bear with me everyone.

I have been trying my best to get our family into the holiday spirit. I hope to share with you guys a few holiday-inspired crafts and activities that we have been up to. Until then, check out these two mini Santas. Both Santas were in a fabulous mood but it's hard to tell with Baby D who has been under the weather. I hope that we can clear this house of all those nasty germs before Christmas so we can all enjoy ourselves.

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