Thursday, November 28, 2013


A few months back, we decided to take Little Miss L. out of dance to give her a chance to experience gymnastics. Our little girl enjoyed attending dance class (ballet and tap) but she was always jumping and tumbling where ever she goes. So, what better place to do that (instead of in my living room) than at the gym.

Little Miss L. had no hesitation when entering the gym for the first time and she never looked back. I loved watching her evolve over the last few months. She never shied away from trying something new. She is easily distracted and often does not pay attention to instructions but still somehow manages to complete her tasks.

The other night, the parents had the chance to enter the gym with their children to watch a class up close and personal. Little Miss L. had a fantastic time showing us how she could walk on the beam, swing on the rings and complete the middle splits.

Here is a peek at what we witnessed during her class...

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