Monday, December 23, 2013

christmas photos 2013

Only two more sleeps until the big day! I have been off my A game this year. I have to apologize for the lack of holiday-inspired posts. It feels like we have been rushing around trying to jam as many holiday activities in as possible while dealing with constant sickness in our home. I have decided as much as it brothers me that I have a million and one things that need to be accomplished, it is now time to slow down and enjoy some family time. I know I need to cherish each and every moment with my little ones, especially now that the holidays are here.

Well, it is next to impossible to get my children to co-operate for photos but I was determined to get a few Christmas-inspired shots. We had handfuls of candy and lots of raising of our voices but I think we managed to get a couple photos that captured our children loving the holiday decor and gingerbread men.

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