Thursday, July 25, 2013

the big 2-5!

As most of you have noticed, I have been slacking in the blogging department, but this momma has been exhausted. Summer has been busy and our family has been on-the-go every weekend. I am hoping things will start to slow down soon and I will be able to get you all caught up. I had to share this quick post because I still can't believe my little brother turned the big 2-5 a couple of weekends ago.

We spent the day at my parents home where we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon on the St.Lawrence river. The kids splashed in the water, took a boat ride, and did a little fishing and I even grabbed a few minutes to relax too! Little Miss L. and Baby D were super excited to sing happy birthday to their awesome uncle and were even more thrilled when the ice cream cake appeared.

It was a wonderful afternoon. This kid, or should I say man, is making me feel old these days. Here are some pictures from the day...
Writing Uncle Brady a birthday message.
My happy little man.
As much as I know this guy needs a haircut, I don't want to lose those curls.
Time for a little fishing.
Baby D is always talking to and hugging his little brother.
Our little girl has been making this face since she was 6 months old. 
I love this child with all my heart and I love those lashes.
Really dad, you are going to pick that up?!?!
Time to blow out the candles.
Time for cake. Using the fork lasted all of 30 seconds.
Can you tell our children love ice cream cake?!
The birthday boy with his momma and grandma.
I love these two.
All grown up!

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