Friday, July 5, 2013

canada day part 2

The rest of our Canada Day weekend was spent enjoying a little down time. We don't seem to have a lot of that around here and we decided to take full of advantage of it. Yes, we had a million projects we wanted to get done around the house but we woke up Sunday to the perfect summer day and decided to put the projects on hold. We packed our bags and headed to my parents to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. The kiddos love going to their grandparents' house because, let's face it, not only do they get whatever they want (ice cream, goodies, etc.) and they also have the ideal backyard to play in. The day was spent chasing bubbles, swimming (not sure how they managed as the river is still very cold!) boating, colouring with outdoor chalk and so much more. The evening wrapped up with their own personal fireworks display as the neighbour next door provided a pretty good show.

Monday we woke up to breaky out on the patio - the kids love eating outside and wish they could do it all the time. After their bellies were full, we headed into town to check out some Canada Day festivities including the parade. We made a quick stop to visit great-grandma and then it was back to grandma's house to enjoy the rest of their afternoon bugging their uncle.

Everyone was beat after a great weekend, the kids had passed out within two minutes of being in the car once we started our trek home. It was a wonderful weekend spent with family and it was nice to be able to sit back, relax and take it all in without feeling like we needed to race to the next place.

We hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day long weekend!
Time to decorate the dock with chalk.
Baby D spent hours picking up rocks and throwing them back into the water.
Little Miss L. was all hands-on-deck. She was grandpa's side-kick the whole weekend.
Out for a little ride with grandma and grandpa.
Baby D did not want to leave the water all weekend. The water was cold but he was determined to learn how to swim.
Happy Canada Day breaky!
Mom, you need to take a picture of me and the fork. 
Breakfast tastes so much better when it's outside and made by grandpa.
Little Miss L. was so happy to watch the soldiers pass by. They even stopped and put on a little show just for her.
Waiting for the parade to begin.
Showing her Canadian pride.
They both decided to sing "Oh, Canada"

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