Monday, September 10, 2012

little miss l. hits the dance floor

This past Saturday, my little girl sprang from her bed and quickly rushed into the kitchen. There, she informed me that she would need a big breakfast, one that would give her lots of energy. She quickly decided that her best bet was scrambled eggs, toast, and some o.j. to finish it all off.
Today, was the day my little girl would pull on her pink tights, purple body suit, and pink tutu for the very first time. Today, Little Miss L. would be walking into a whole new world. A world where mommy would need to stand back as her little girl entered a room full of 3-5 year old girls prancing about in frilly tutu's to music all on her own.

Little Miss L. had been looking forward to attending dance class for months. She made the decision that she would like to try ballet and tap. Over the past month, she loved the experience of picking out the perfect dance studio, trying on her very own tap shoes for the first time (she loved the noise they made) and she loved the fact that this activity was one she would be doing on her own. It made her feel like she was becoming a big girl because she had chosen to do something she loves to do...DANCE!

After Little Miss L. stuffed belly full, pulled on her attire and slicked back her hair, it was time to hit the road to enter into a world that was new to my little girl and this new "dance mom."
She excitedly entered the dance studio where she was overwhelmed by a sea of girls (okay, maybe mommy was more overwhelmed at this point.) She introduced herself to the teacher and placed her nametag on her chest. She quickly said her goodbye, as I pushed her ever so gently into the room. She turned back and gave me the biggest smile. As I walked away I knew this would be a great experience for my little girl. As I sat throughout the 45 minute class, I ever so often shuffled my way over to peer in the tiny window. I watched as my girl was twirling about and laughing with her new friends. With about 10 minutes left in class, I walked over to the window to peer in one last time, but I didn't see my baby girl. I stood there for a few minutes thinking she would whiz by, but she did not. I couldn't hold the urge any longer and opened the door. There, up against the wall with tears running down her face, was my precious girl. She looked up and ran over, quickly telling me that she thought I had gone and left her there forever. It broke my heart to hear such a thing. After convincing her that would not be the case, she slowly worked her way back into the group. The dance class quickly came to an end where she was happy to receive a smiley face sticker. As she dashed to her father and brother who had been patiently waiting to hear how it went, she told them she had so much fun.
We may have had a little bump in the road on our first day but we can't expect everything to always run perfectly. I was one proud momma as I watched my little girl gain some independence. Let's hope next weekend proves to be even better...

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