Friday, September 28, 2012

it takes a village to raise a child- guest post

Almost a year ago, my family and I moved to Brockville, Ontario. We are a “blended family” consisting of a daughter each from previous relationships and our newest addition, a five month old baby girl .With three children ages three and under, our home is always buzzing.

My spouse, Nick and I are fairly active, outgoing people. This is one of the many things that drew us together in the first place. When we decided to move from our previous town, we discussed the things that we were looking for in a community and how we would involve our family. A few things that were must-haves included a clean, safe area in which we could raise our three girls; a community that stressed the importance of family with great educational opportunities to choose from. After looking into the surrounding areas, Brockville came out on top. We were also looking for a hometown that provided an opportunity to get out and be active on a weekly basis.

Our first weekend in our new home introduced us to the Brock Trail, a fabulous walking/biking path that extends from one end of the city to another. We immediately unpacked the strollers and took to a walk. Our stroll led us to Hardy Park, the renowned waterfront park that boasts a state of the art play structure, gazebo, view of the marina and is located just a stones throw from Blockhouse Island, which provides great opportunities for family fun and a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River.

Every weekend since, you can find our family at one of the local family-friendly spots around the city - the new splash pad, local parks, the public library, the Thousand Island Mall or any other events being hosted in our hometown or the surrounding area. We do this not only because we enjoy the festivities, but because we want to set an example to our children. Nick and I feel that when we are out supporting local business, markets or even a day at the park, it teaches our children to take pride in their community, the responsibility that goes with it and at the same time, keeps them active. It also gives us a great opportunity to have “family time” and bond with our girls. It’s our hope that this is something we can do for years to come and hopefully encourage other families to do as well.

Whether you live in a big city, town or the country, there is always something to do and a community to be found. It can be a simple thing like a walk or perhaps volunteering your time but whatever it takes, get out in your area and get the entire family involved.

Lindsay Pennell is a proud mother of three, blogger for Brockville Tourism , and avid community supporter. You can follow her family adventures Please drop her a line anytime, as she is always looking for new family activities to attend and loves to hear of your experiences as well  Pin It


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