Thursday, October 13, 2011

newborn photos of baby d

I love love love newborn babies, especially when I have one of my very own to snuggle with these days. There is just something unique and short lived when looking at a newborn's tiny little fingers and toes. The newborn stage is so short and I wanted to remember all baby d's little wrinkles and the way he always opens his mouth when he sleeps. We were lucky to work with Sandra again, she captured everything we were looking for and more. I know everyone thinks their child is the cutest but baby d really does take the cake with those chubby little cheeks. Get ready for an overload of pure cuteness...
I love those toes.
I love those lips.
I love the way you sleep.
I love the little fuzzy hair that has yet to fall off.
I love those cheeks.
I love the way you smell.
I love the way you fit in our hands so perfectly.
I love our family of four.
I love to watch your big sister as she kisses and hugs you ever so gently.
I love the open mouth you always have when you are deep in sleep.
I love everything about you.
The stork brought me a beautiful baby boy.
Photos by Eden Grove Photography Pin It