Tuesday, October 25, 2011

weekend catch-up

This past weekend, we were all in need of a little down time. For the last month, we have been on the go, and we all definitely needed to slow down and have some quiet time at home. I love love love weekends that consist of waking up late (yes, 8:00am is now considered sleeping in), staying in pajama's until noon, enjoying homemade crepes, taking long family walks and spending time with friends and family - we were lucky because this past weekend we were able to do all of those...
I snuggled all weekend with this little guy.
I love love love these chubby little hands.
Did a little baking. I love peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.
These are yummy and taste like Reese Peanut Buttercups.
I love love love these sweet little feet.
It was time to work on our Halloween crafts.
Little Miss L. was excited to paint her brother's foot, but when the tables were turned, she was not as enthusiastic.
I finally had a girls night out. I love nights that involve a nice glass of wine,  yummy food, and lots of laughs.  Time with friends is truly good for the soul.
The leaves have finished changing colour and at this point, most have fallen off their branches. It makes me sad to see all the red, orange, and yellow disappear.
Time for a family walk.
The berries are still hanging on...
Little Miss L. thought she would clean up with a cattail. 
Little Miss L. and mommy picking out our favourite leaves.
Mommy look at all the leaves I found.
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