Tuesday, October 11, 2011

thanksgiving and birthday weekend extravaganza!

This weekend was a special one - my little blue eyed girl turned two years old. The past two years have been filled with many firsts. In only two short years she has developed into a caring, charismatic, energetic little girl who is always keeping me on my toes. Each and every day brings something new and I love love love watching her develop her own personality. This weekend was packed with amazing food, fantastic friends and family, a little pumpkin picking and let's not forget as Little Miss L. would say it was "candle blowout day." Momma was snap happy as always, so I am going to break this post into two because it would be photo overload. Happy 2nd Birthday my angel!
Little Miss L. and God-mommy having a swinging good time.
Two beautiful girls.
One of Little Miss L.'s favourite things.
We still have fresh strawberries growing in October!
Little Miss L. could not wait to get her little fingers on these juicy berries.
Time to hit the pumpkin patch. Too bad there weren't many left.
I am a happy girl now that I have a strawberry in my hand.
Who doesn't like a good slide?
It seems every outing we take, the little man seems to sleep through it.
My precious girl.
Time to pick some pumpkins!
Someone was happy to be surrounded by all the pumpkins.
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