Monday, February 28, 2011

snuggles and tissues

Little Miss L. and I have been hit hard with a nasty cold for the last 11 days. As much as I hate being sick or hearing my little one sound like a purring cat, I love the quiet moments that surround such down time. This past weekend was met with lots of snuggles, hot tea, and several beautiful drawings. Here is to hoping we are nearing the end...
These products did not leave our side all weekend long.
Drawing a picture for daddy. Little Miss L. was determined to make it work using the opposite end of the crayon.
This is serious business everyone!
Let's check it out - umm maybe it doesn't taste as good as I thought!?!?
Tried lychee pear green tea for the first and I must say it is quite tasty folks.
This weekend was met with an unmade bed all weekend long - which is okay as we loved playing in the tangled sheets.
I could stare at these precious feet all day long.
Nothing compares to the moment when your child  wraps their little arms around you and lands a big kisses on your forehead. I received several this weekend. Lots of snuggles took place in this bed.
Lately I have been craving fresh salads. 
To wrap up the weekend, the hubby and I whipped up this roasted turkey and fruit salad- it was scrumptious!
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