Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This past weekend was full of laughter and fun. Even though the weather was not inviting, we still managed to enjoy some time outdoors with our fabulous friends visiting from Toronto, Little Miss L. had a sleepover with her cousin, and we baked some treats in preparation for Valentine's Day.  What a great weekend!
The backyard doubles as a toboggan track
Little Mr. N says hi
Daddy teaching Little Miss L. how to make a snow angel.
Little Miss L.'s first attempt at a snow angel.
All tuckered out after playing in the snow- asked them to smile and this is what we got!
Asked Little Miss L. to show us her teeth - still a work in progress!
Valentine's Day would not be complete without making a batch of delicious cupcakes!
Fun with potty, time to start practicing.
Sitting on the potty like a big girl.  Next, learning to lift the seat cover!
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