Thursday, February 10, 2011

the little red dress

Every now and again, I decide to let Little Miss L. pick out what she would like to wear. These days her choices can be quite amusing at times. Yesterday, she had her eyes set on a red dress - nothing was going to stop her from putting it on. As Little Miss L. put her red dress on, I thought, "What better time to have a mini photo shoot?" I felt it was fitting as Valentine's Day is right around the corner - Little Miss L. is getting into the spirit early!
Mommy, these are my feet and toes!
Little Miss L. had to show me how she could dance in her dress.
We had a little fun with some tissue paper.
Little Miss L. is already a talker.
How can I ever say no to this face?!?!
Mommy, I am really tired, but no, I will not take a nap!
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