Monday, December 13, 2010

ho ho horrifying!

Saturday was the day; the day we were going to see the big guy in red! All morning long, my husband and I explained to Little Miss L. that she was going to see Santa Claus. Little Miss L. seemed to understand that something big was about to happen as we sang "Here Comes Santa Claus" while splashing in the bubble bath - she had to look her best. Giggles and laughter erupted as we pulled out her outfit. Little Miss L. knew she had the perfect dress - a gift from her grandma - to meet the big guy.
I get to meet Santa soon!
I know I look cute, what can I say!
We were dressed and ready to go meet the big jolly man. Let's just say that Santa is going to be very busy this year; we had to stand in line for an hour. Little Miss L. actually loved the wait as she decided it was a great opportunity to socialize with fellow children. As we watched our daughter run around the mall for an hour, laughing and talking away to anyone who would listen, we knew Santa was going to get an ear full. Santa was definitely going to meet a bouncing little girl with a smile on her face, or so we thought... I guess some things never change?!?!
Meets the big guy for the first time at 2 months old
Mister with the white beard and red suit is one scary man!
Meets Santa for the second time at 14 months
Really, I still don't think I like him!

Ok, I know I don't like him...Get me out of here now!
As Little Miss L. approached the big guy in red, her smile started to fade. First it was pure shock, then the realization that this supposedly jolly character is scary, very scary, and then came the all out cry... GET ME OUT OF HERE! Let's just say that our trip to see Santa did not end as a joyous one.

On a side note; I couldn't resist putting a few photos up of the other member of our family... doesn't he look cute!?
I know how to pose!
Boring, take the picture already!
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