Thursday, December 30, 2010

highlights of christmas 2010

Our bellies full, the presents unwrapped, it is now time to unwind from all our holiday festivities. This Christmas, we were able to look back at the past year and reflect on what we are thankful for. Being surrounded by friends and family really reminded us of all the things we are grateful for including love, health and happiness. Little Miss L. loved all of the action that took place around her. Here are a few highlights:
Our neighborhood is also famous for its "Älight at Night" Christmas celebration where all homeowners light their properties with numerous candles roadside on Christmas Eve which brings in visitors from all over the area.
The display involving over 100 residences is based on a Spanish Christmas tradition called luminaria.
After taking in all the lights, Little Miss L. could not stay up any longer.
Yippee, it is Christmas morning!
Wow, where did all these presents come from?!?!
Hey everyone, I am ready to open all these presents!
Finally! Little Miss L. could not get enough of all the wrapping paper.
This picture explains it all - complete chaos Christmas morning.
Little Miss L. and her first toboggan!
This was way more fun indoors.
Christmas would not be complete without a plate full of homemade goodies.
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