Tuesday, December 7, 2010

easy peasy christmas decoration

 Shortly before the snow started to fall this year, Little Miss L. and I headed outdoors to gather pine cones for our holiday crafts and decorations. I am all about easy and cost effective ways to decorate the home; this is especially important to me over the holiday season. Wreaths have been a staple of holiday decorating for years, they look great on doors, windows, or any place that needs a little festive touch. What better way to create an inexpensive wreath than with the pine cones we had already collected. I was able to complete this project in 20 minutes for under $2.00!
  • Pine cones (Free from the great outdoors)
  • 2 small paper plates (10 cents each)
  • Festive ribbon (purchased at Micheals on sale 75 cents)
  • Fake snow (purchased at our local dollar store for a dollar)
  • Hot glue gun

1. Cut out center of paper plate
2. Apply hot glue to bottom of pine cones and stick onto plate
3. After pine cones are attached, spray with fake snow (follow directions on the can)
 4. Allow wreath to dry. Once dry, add festive ribbon ( or anything else you may desire)
 5. Place wreath on door, windows, fences, or any other place that needs a festive touch. I thought they were the perfect size to place on the doors going into the dining room.
 This is an easy peasy festive project, and I love love love using fake snow! Pin It

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