Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There have been a million proud mommy moments over the past few years but one that stands out in my mind lately is watching my daughter receive her graduation certificate from her preschool prep course. If you recall, Little Miss L. did not want to partake in this program what-so-ever. The first day, she cried all morning, wouldn't eat and kept repeating "Please, don't take me there!" Luckily, it became apparent at the end of the first day she would absolutely enjoy her time while there. Each day, I dropped off and picked up a little girl who would be smiling from ear-to-ear. I would always be greeted with " Mommy, I had an awesome day. I told you I would." The program was 6 weeks in length and it sure went quickly. We were all sad to see it end. On the last day, they threw a little graduation party and each child was asked to the front to receive their certificate. I watched as many children either walked slowly towards the teacher as shy as could be, or their parents were left to push their bums to the front. I wasn't sure how Miss L. would approach this endeavor but when her name was called, she skipped to the front, gave a big ol' handshake and then turned around and gave us all the big thumbs up! I could not have been prouder at that moment. I keep replaying that scene in my head over the last week or so, making the next big step to Kindergarten may not be such a great challenge as I had once thought.
Some music to start the party.
Little Miss L. receives her certificate.
Time for some treats.
Little Miss L. wanted to take a picture with both of her teachers. Thanks M.Allison!
Thanks M.Nancy!

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